Becoming A Master Communicator


I pride myself on being a great communicator. Over the years I have mastered the craft of communication through my experiences and practice. My communication abilities have opened up many doors of opportunity and have also gotten me out of some really uncomfortable situations.

Ever since I was a kid, I was enthusiastic about talking and connecting with others. I was extremely outgoing and did not shy away from anyone. I was involved in musical theater growing up, which helped me become comfortable speaking in front of large groups. It became easy to speak in front of anyone from any walk of life.

Now in adulthood, I have accumulated over 10 years of sales experience. During these 10 years, I work face to face with customers, each with their own unique story. It has taught me valuable skills that not only make me successful in my career, but also my personal life.

Now as a Life Coach, I specialize in communication. It is essential to be effective at my job. With clients, I model effective communication skills, which not only helps build a positive relationship with them, but also lays the groundwork for them to become excellent communicators themselves.

Now you may be asking yourself, why is communication so important? I communicate all the time. Well, of course we all communicate. It is unavoidable in the world we live in. However, we can all use more effective communication skills. Continue reading “Becoming A Master Communicator”


“No Man Is An Island”

As I hammered into the heavy bag with my fists and feet, sweat pouring down my face in this raw, uncut gem of a gym I could see this young man out of the corner of my eye following suit. The bell rings time to rest. As we both relax before the next round of bag work. The young man asks me my age, I laugh and divulge. He has this puzzled look on his face, I am intrigued so I ask him, “What is with the confused look?”. He states how he thought I looked younger than that. Always a nice compliment to hear. We begin to talk and converse sharing little things about ourselves. Asking inquisitive questions of each other. Bell rings back to training. Continue reading ““No Man Is An Island””

Allowing Masculine Emotional Expression

“That is your problem.”; “Stop complaining!”; “What are you going to do to fix it?”; “Figure it out yourself.”; “Stop bitching and fix it.”; “I don’t want to hear your problems.”; “Just do it.”; “What do you want me to do about it?”; “I didn’t make you feel anything, you’re the one being emotional.”; “Sounds like you just need to “man up”.”

All of these phrases I have heard throughout my life. Starting as a young child on the playground. Many of them I have heard in my relationships with others. Whether it was friendships, family, or romantic relationships. I heard many of these during my 8 year marriage.

In our culture there is this message that is being sent to little boys, who become grown men, about their feelings, emotions, their heart. The message is “real men don’t need feelings, emotions, or their heart.” Continue reading “Allowing Masculine Emotional Expression”

Where You End and Others Begin

Written by: John Glass

Boundary setting might be one of the most overlooked or abused parts in a relationship. They have been shown to be one of the most important parts of a relationship. According to Murray Bowen, a well-known psychologist, boundaries are essential for healthy relationships because without them dysfunction occurs. Continue reading “Where You End and Others Begin”

There Is Value In All Of Us

Written by: John Glass

I heard this story the other day. It went like this, “A speaker started his speech by presenting a 20 dollar bill. He asked the audience, “Who would like this money?” Almost everyone in the audience raised their hand. He then took that 20 dollar bill and crumpled it up. He asked the same question and received the same response. Next he proceeded to throw the bill on the floor and stomped on it again and again. He even smashed the bill with the toe of his show. He asked the same question again, “Who would like this 20 dollar bill?” A number of people still raised their hand.” Continue reading “There Is Value In All Of Us”

Some Bridges Need To Be Burned

Written by: Jeffery Craig

I have always admired couples and friends who have stuck together for long periods of time. The history they have built together, the memories they have shared, and the struggles that they have endured together serve as a testament of their bond. I used to believe that the longer you spent with a person, the stronger that bond was. I used to believe that long term relationships were a sign of strength and growth.

But I wondered are long-term friendships always good for a person? Do romantic relationships that last a long time indicate higher satisfaction? Is staying connected with certain people in our life always what’s best for us and our life? Continue reading “Some Bridges Need To Be Burned”

Don’t Be a D*ck to your Friends: It Leads to Meaningless Relationships


Written By: Jeff Craig

Recently, I read an article on entitled “Why Friends Who Are D*cks To Each Other Have The Strongest Friendships” ( and I felt strongly compelled to share my perspective on this topic.
According to the article, men who insult or “poke fun” at their friends have stronger relationships than those who are not. I am curious where this research came from.

Personally, I found a wonderful article written by Amy Luckner, PhD., on Psychology Today that is backed by research ( The article explains how some teasing, although good natured in intent, can often be received as negative by the person being teased. Often times, these negative experiences can lead to lowered self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and more. Seeing as this article is backed by empirical support, I would be left to believe all statements made on “Why Friends Who Are D*cks To Each Other Have The Strongest Friendships” are based solely on opinion and hold no legitimate ground. Continue reading “Don’t Be a D*ck to your Friends: It Leads to Meaningless Relationships”