Overcoming Sensitivity to Rejection

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I want you to use your imagination for a minute. Imagine that you are at a coffee shop. You see an attractive person of interest sitting reading a book. Your mind begins to race with all the things you could possibly say to this person to get their attention. You work up the courage. You are feeling hyped and positive about this interaction. You walk up to her. She glances up and sees you. You greet her with a slight smile. She smiles back. You say, “Hi.” and introduce yourself. She says, “Hi, not interested.”

What feelings are coming up for you? What thoughts are coming up for you? What would you do?

Yes, this might sound like an extreme form of rejection, but I know this has happened to a number of us guys.  Continue reading “Overcoming Sensitivity to Rejection”


Learning To Be Authentically Vulnerable

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It was the summer of 2000. I was driving to the continuation school that I had to attend in order to earn my general education diploma. You see I had failed my senior English class. Not because I did the work and failed, but because I stopped showing up for class.

As I was driving I was reflecting up my life. I was trying to define who I am as a person. Trying to figure out how I see myself. The question that we all try to answer, “Who am I?” Continue reading “Learning To Be Authentically Vulnerable”

Hardest Thing To Forgive Myself For

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written by: John Glass

I have found that the hardest thing to forgive myself for is being a man in today’s society. Let me tell you why.

Many of us men grew up with our mothers being our primary caretaker. We also, were taught from grade school through college by female teachers. For this reason, we lacked guidance from men in our lives.

For instance, in one of my college classes on family violence the professor talked endlessly about how men abuse and/or rape. They would bring up all these statistics about the rates of violence and rape. One day after class I jokingly said to a peer, “Seems like this professor thinks that 50% of men abuse and 50% of men rape. Which one are we?” Continue reading “Hardest Thing To Forgive Myself For”