There Is More To Men Than Just Sex



Got your attention, good. I want to talk about some myths that our society has attached to the sexual nature of a man. Throughout many of my conversations with men and women about sex, I have heard a number of comments about what a man should be when it comes to his sexual nature. Continue reading “There Is More To Men Than Just Sex”


Overcoming My Fear Of Success


Written by: Jeff Craig

We all had fears as children. I am sure if I asked you to name some, you would give me a laundry list of things that scared you.

For me, it was heights. I was never the kid to climb trees or jump off a high dive. I couldn’t even get on a roller coaster until I was about 15. The fear of plummeting to my death scared the living crap out of me.

As I got older, the fear of heights became less and less intense. Until eventually, I could hardly even feel anxiety anymore. Nowadays, I’m a thrill seeker, so it would not be uncommon to find me diving off a cliff or bungee jumping off a bridge. Continue reading “Overcoming My Fear Of Success”

Mastering A Discipline Enhances You As A Man



Written by: John Glass

As a child, I loved to play sports. Football was my favorite. I recall many times playing in the neighborhood bouncing off cars or trees. One of my fondest memories was that it would take four of the guys to bring me down when I had the ball.

I did not excel in organized sports and there were a number of reasons why such as, not being committed to the practicing, learning, and mastering of the sport.

I am sure that many of us recall being a part of some sport’s team when we were younger or maybe it was another discipline like karate. Some men excelled, some were average, and some just wanted to quit and leave.

For me I had little interest in sticking to an organized sport. I loved being active with friends by: playing football, baseball, basketball, going fishing, bowling, and many other things.

When it came to organized sports I just could not commit to the time and energy. As well as, the fact that my father was not around, so I had no male guidance or encouragement to help me understand why it is important to commit to mastering a discipline. Continue reading “Mastering A Discipline Enhances You As A Man”

Rushing Life Leads to Dying: How to Live a More Fulfilling Life


IMG_9881.jpgWritten by: Jeffrey Craig

Last year was my 10-year high school reunion. It would be the first time I have seen individuals since graduation.

As I pondered the idea of becoming reacquainted with old “friends,” I began to feel anxious. My mind started thinking about how I would be perceived after all this time. I am not married, I have no kids, I am not a millionaire, and I don’t have a big house.

Questions come up like, “What have I done with all this time?” “How will I measure up to everyone else?”

While everyone else has most likely reached at least one of these milestones, I had nothing to show for 10 years. Or did I? Continue reading “Rushing Life Leads to Dying: How to Live a More Fulfilling Life”

Facing Challenges: An Opportunity For Learning

“… things did not happen without some heartache…”

written by: John Glass

It has been over five months now since I graduated with my M.S. in psychology. Feels like those months have just flown by.

I have been pushing myself pretty hard as of lately to achieve a number of goals I have set for myself to accomplish at the end of the year. As a colleague of mine asked me, “What has to happen to make this year the greatest year of your life?” Continue reading “Facing Challenges: An Opportunity For Learning”

Traits of Modern Men: An Incomplete List

A modern man is a role model. He shows others what it is to be a modern man in today’s society.
written by: John Glass

The stoic man. This is defined as a man that shows little to no emotions during his life on Earth.

If you have seen the show Mad Men think “Donald Draper.” A man that has little to share with his wife or kids. He keeps his feelings buried deep inside for fear of being exposed or vulnerable.

Some may say that the stoic man is a man that is in control of his emotions. A man that is a rock. A man that can weather the bad times and keep his composure.

I do not disagree with this idea. I disagree with the idea that this is what a man strives to be.

I think we are called to be so much more than just a stoic man. Continue reading “Traits of Modern Men: An Incomplete List”

Self-Taught Ways of Manhood


written by:John Glass

Masculinity was something I knew little about as a child. I grew up with a single mother and an absent father. The closest person in my family that embodied masculinity to me was my older brother.

The issue with my brother being my perspective of masculinity was that he was an angry, aggressive jerk. I told myself that I would never want to be like him. In my black or white thinking that meant that, I would need to be the exact opposite of him.

It is my belief that many of us men tend to choose the path of a passive man that allows many to use them as doormats or to become the aggressive man that pushes back with or without a reason. Continue reading “Self-Taught Ways of Manhood”